1 min readApr 20, 2022


I Personally Respond to Every Story I Read.

Hi Ayoub,

Thank you for your clear, succinct and useful article. Obviously, you are savvy in building attention on the internet.

First, you relate that you are like me.

Next, you offer a bonus for reading through your article.

Finally, you offer simple and doable steps.

In the bargain, you present a challenge in which people can participate to move themselves forward.

All tried and true internet marketing techniques.

I like your support for writers creating on 3 to 5 subjects. So many say to choose only one.


As a spiritual teacher, poet, songwriter, performer, comedian, I write on spirituality, personal growth, politics, health -- even on limericks.

In response to your suggestion that I create a template and send it out to as many Medium authors as I can in as short a time as possible, I choose not to do that.

As I am doing with you, I prefer to take the time to write a personal response to each story I read.

Anything less defeats the purpose of writers who post on Medium. Every one of us wants genuine readers who take the time to value and honor our contributions.

Still, your article advances collegiality and mutual support. We need much more of this in our world.

Thank you for your clarity and your example.

With Love,

Jonathan : )

PS = And, yes I most enthusiastically follow every person who follows me.




Songwriter, Poet, Comedian, One-man show performer, Imagin-Artist, Spiritual Guide, Leader in Love: Jonathan has sung, performed, & coached all over the world.