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100 Followers? Easy Peasy. I’m All In. How The Stockholm Syndrome Influences Medium’s ‘Follow for Follow’ Game.

Come Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow me.” Lyrics to a Traditional Children’s Song my mother used to sing to my sister and me. Pinterest.

Oh, sure.

Yes, indeed-y!!!

I’ve read the constructive and authentic articles which declare the follow game stands as ridiculous, and insincere; not to mention inculcates prostitution-like, sell-your-soul behavior.

All well and good.

That is, once you’ve gained at least 100 followers.

The first 100 feels the best. Jonathan Prager Design.

You see, it’s a bit like the Stockholm syndrome. Perhaps, even, a bit akin to being a Vladmir Putin fan, horrifying as that might sound.

What’s the Stockholm syndrome?

The dynamic by which captives identify and bond with their captors. A bit like the way dogs bond with their owners.

You see, human beings (and dogs) crave contact and connection. They also need food and shelter.

Say a person has been captured and imprisoned by another person, or a few people. Say, as well, that s/he lives in solitary confinement; the only human contact being daily visits by one, or more, of his/her captors. And say, the person stays alive through the food and water provided through these recurring visits.

Connection feels like celebration. Especially when I’m connecting with the only game in town. Party City.

Over time, the captive will align and bond with, perhaps even begin to love, his/her captor(s).

That’s the Stockholm Syndrome.

This dynamic does not signify corruption of ethics and values. But rather, the overarching need for human relatedness.

Likewise, if Putin’s way stands as — or is perceived to be — THE ONLY WAY through which survival and advancement may be won, many people will begin not only to meet his requirements, but to honor his values.

Dictators gain power by presenting their way as the only way. Screenshot MSNBC.

Honoring of the leader’s values supports meeting his requirements, no matter how evil or insane.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Medium’s follower stipulations are evil or insane.

They’re obviously not.

What they are, however, is a way to gain success on Medium’s platform, as defined by Medium.

And, since success — and being paid to write — stands out as something most writers wish to attain…


Bob’s your uncle!!!

Medium’s ways get ascribed to and embraced.

With few questions asked.

And, most objections overcome.

Because being a paid writer advances my goals and dreams, I love Medium. Jonathan Prager design.

So, there you have it.

If you follow me, I’ll follow you.

Tit for tat.

Tat for tit.

I wish you stunning success.

Once in the Medium Partnership Program, we’ll have plenty of time to address questions of ethics.

Happy successful Medium writer-ship!!!

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